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All photographs ©2007 - 2011 by Mary Beth Stowe


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South Padre Island (3 MAY11)


Female Red-breasted Merganser



Clapper Rail family


The ubiquitous larid flock includes Common, Black, Royal, and Sandwich Terns, plus Laughing and Franklin's Gulls, as well as Black Skimmers!


Breeding-plumaged Black Tern




After scrutinizing the literature, we came to the conclusion that this was an Acadian Flycatcher based on the head shape, primary projection, and relatively bright green coloration.


Least Flycatcher



Philadelphia Vireo



More Phillies (above and below--it was my best-ever look, so I got a little carried away...)





This fluffy individual was at the Sheepshead Lots!



Red-eyed Vireos being cute



Red-eyed Vireo being normal


Gray Catbird



Female Tennessee Warbler (above and below)





She had a major claim over this orange!



Chestnut-sided Warbler



This guy almost hopped up on my foot!


(See what I mean??)



Magnolia Warbler



Black-and-white Warbler  



American Redstart male (above and below)





Female American Redstart



This may actually be a young male based on the black on the face.



Northern Waterthrush (above and below)





There was much debate over the ID of this bird, as the "jizz" felt more like Northern Waterthrush to me, but the unstreaked throat made us consider Louisiana.  My initial gut reaction turned out to be correct, as Mary Gustafson confirmed that 1) Northerns can sometimes have unstreaked throats, and 2) Louisianas should have passed through by now!





Common Yellowthroat



Female Painted Bunting (taking a breather below)





Indigo Buntings (female left, pair right)


"The Mad Bunting"


Lark Sparrow



Hordes of Baltimore Orioles came through!  Females...




Oriole lineup at the end of Atol Road!



Most of them are Baltimores (L-R:  male, immature female, adult female)



A few are Orchard Orioles


...but the star of the show was the vagrant Black-vented Oriole (flying up at right)!



Some discussion was made as to whether this was the same bird that spent several months at Bentsen State Park!


Orchard Oriole


A baby Great-tailed Grackle hides where the migrants hang out!


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