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All photographs ©2004-2007 by Mary Beth Stowe


Reptiles and Amphibians


Female Granite Spiny Lizard (taken along De Luz Road)

Another Granite Spiny Lizard along the Inaja Trail


Baby Southern Pacific Rattlesnake at Mission Dam; it was probably no more than 7" long!


Great Basin Fence Lizards (female left, male right)

This one lost his foot... (subadult male)


Baby Gopher Snake, on the Big Laguna Trail

Another young Gopher Snake, along Pine Creek Road, Laguna Mountains

Bullfrog (?) at Doane Pond


Side-blotched Lizard at Blue Sky Preserve

Great Basin Fence Lizard at Lake Hodges


More Side-blotched Lizards at Torrey Pines State Preserve (although the spotted one below looks a bit different...)



Another colorful Side-blotched Lizard along the Santa Margarita River


Legless Lizard (above and below) at the B&B Garden, TRV RP



This Western Fence Lizard at San Elijo Lagoon is hot on the heels of a female!



Female Western Fence Lizard (note the yellow on the back of the legs)

This reminded me of the female Brown Anoles running around Florida, but this gal was loose at the San Diego Zoo!


Endangered Orange-throated Whiptail, Lake Jennings

Green Tree Frog at Mission Dam

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