San Diego Photo Gallery

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All photographs ©2004-2007 by Mary Beth Stowe


Plants (many unidentified...)

Primroses along the Jasper Trail, in the "high desert".

Along San Felipe Grade

Along the Pine Ridge Trail, Cuyamaca State Park

Along the walk at La Jolla Cove (probably domestic, but still pretty...)

Coast Locoweed at Tijuana Slough NWR

Mountain Mahogany along the Wooded Hill Nature Trail, Laguna Mountains

Milkweed going to seed, B&B Garden, Tijuana River Valley RP

Succulent of some kind in the recovering chaparral at Lake Jennings


Chalk Lettuce (Dudleya pulverulenta, above and below) in bloom, also Lake Jennings


Lady Finger Dudleya at Mission Dam

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