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All photographs ©2004-2008 by Mary Beth Stowe


People Pictures

Someone (probably Marjorie) snuck this shot of me on the Black Canyon Bridge...

Birding buddy Oz Osborn on the upper end of Black Canyon Road

Oz again along La Posta Road

Yet again along Pine Creek Road (along with "Jip")

Don Hastings waiting for the Greater Pewee to show up along Aqua Dulce Creek

"Jip" and yet another visiting birder at the famous borrow pit at Old Springs Road, the most reliable place in the county for LeConte's Thrasher

Birding buddy Sue Smith (left) and her niece Liz covering Clark Dry Lake on the 2004 America's Birdiest County Competition

Michigan birder friends Ken and Cassandra Middleton at Finney Lake, Imperial County

An alfalfa field in Imperial County attracted all four longspurs one winter, which in turn attracted a goodly number of birders!

Lauren Hughes and Dan Baumann after a hard morning of chasing rarities!

Sue Smith again at the northern shore of what was Lake Morena

Birding buddy Jan Stull on the trail at Upper Newport Bay

Don Hastings above the clouds on Otay Mountain Road

Don and Marjorie, Otay Mnt Road


Two shots of Christine Harvey, also along Otay Mountain Road

Floyd Melson at the Noble Canyon Trailhead (bottom end)

Floyd again with ice from a fire ring on a cold morning in Cuyamaca State Park

Marjorie on the Inaja Trail near Santa Isabel

Floyd and Sue on the dune at Tijuana Slough NWR (below as well)

Floyd picks a shell to add to the cairn display

Sue shows off a live Wavy Turban

Sue again looking for a Scott's Oriole at the Mortreros Trail, Blair Valley

Traipsing across Little Blair Valley in the Anza Borrego Desert

Floyd investigates what he thought at first was a sleeping backpacker, but wasn't...

During the Breeding Bird Survey, we get to see a section of Kitchen Creek Road that is usually closed!

Floyd holds the bottom gate open for me...

Visiting birders Cliff and Judy at the bottom of Black Canyon Road

Cliff enjoys the view further up the road.

Guy McCaskie and crew scouring a euc at Fort Rosecrans for a lost Prothonotary Warbler...

We take Sue's friends from back east to Pamo Valley for an outing...

Sue and her friends John and Linda McCarthy, along with her "magic grosbeak"!

An American Oystercatcher at Cabrillo attracted birders from all over the state!

(This was taken from on high by the old lighthouse...)

Sue at the Lake Henshaw Overlook

Oz scans the reeds at Lindo Lake

Floyd enjoys the view at "Hang-Glide Hill"

Shoring up the flag (same spot)

Michael Klein leads the way on a butterfly hunt along Otay Mountain Road

Butterfly buddy Koji shoots a Pale Swallowtail along Pine Creek Road

Sue Smith at the Silver Strand Overlook

Ken Weaver checks out a Warbling Vireo at Kit Carson Park

Oz enjoys a Sanderling on the beach at Tijuana Slough NWR

Christine Harvey insisted on taking this shot of me at one of the desert views along Sunrise Highway; the desert was bright and sunny while it was miserable up in the Lagunas!

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