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All photographs ©2004-2010 by Mary Beth Stowe


People Pictures

Mike Rickard and Ranger Carol Navarro lead a butterfly walk at Bentsen Rio Grande SP

Birders get into the Christmas spirit when North America's first Bare-throated Tiger Heron shows up at Bentsen!

The bird hung around into the new year and attracted all ages!


John Yochum, Javier DeLeon, and Kyle O'Haver getting psyched for the Butterfly Fest!

Carol makes sure everyone pays attention to Jose Urribe during the safety meeting (with Jennifer Hall and Martin Hagne)!

Javier helps a young volunteer release a Black Swallowtail that the park raised!

Back out front, Javier leads another butterfly walk joined by Mike Rickard and Ginny Musgrave.

Yet another butter walk led by Josh Rose (left)

Our Butter Gang (L-R:  Josh Rose, Tom Pendelton, Mike, and Ginny)

John and Josh look for dragonflies in the recesses of the swamp...

Josh keeping a vigil during the Big Sit competition.

A somber group "celebrating" John's 50th birthday!

Jennifer Hall toting an experimental hula hoop...

"Just what do you plan to do with that thing?!"

Jimmy Paz and his friend Hugo searching for Mangrove Warblers north of Boca Chica Beach

Hugo and Jimmy along the entrance road to Sabal Palm Grove preserve

Barbara Carlson and Jan Nordenberg come for a visit from San Diego!

Barb and Jan again at La Sal del Rey

John Yochum at the south entrance to the lake

Fran Bartle points out a special host plant in a butterfly garden she built from scratch at Falcon SP!

Tom Pendelton joins the girls in butter-hunting

Wayne Bartholomew and crew at a Fundraiser for Frontera Audubon

Raptor expert Bill Clark chats with Winter Texan Gary Davidson (note that his captured White-tailed Hawk nailed him on the hand!)

"Hey--that tickles!"

John Yochum checks a field during the Santa Ana CBC

Getting lost with Mike and John during the Bentsen CBC...

Gary Davidson relaxes in a park in Laguna Vista with "Bippy" in the background

Ginny at the La Puerta Tract, one of many patchwork sections of the Lower Rio Grande Valley NWR

Pat Heirs and Norma Friedrich (plus another visitor from Laguna Vista) are the only ones die-hard enough to join me on a field trip down Wallace Road in the dead of summer!

Mary Jane Syvertsen points out something to Joyce Davidson at the Big Wetland on another field trip to the same place.

Kyle O'Haver and Huck Hutchins lead a team of "fledglings" at Salineño during the Great Texas Birding Classic!

Javier joins me at the same place on a different location (hoping for a Red-billed Pigeon on that island down there...)

Pastor Berry Nall's congregation (hanging at left) doesn't know what to make of a group of butterfly enthusiasts who show up at his church in Falcon Heights to see North America's first Guatemalan Leafwing (circled in red)!

Visiting birders Paulette and Rubin at Santa Ana NWR

The crew from San Diego Audubon spots a Clay-colored Thrush in the undergrowth at Santa Ana

Checking out the Mexican side at Salineño


"Think the fog will lift??"


"The Girls"


Our leader, Martin Hagne, points out a Texas Ebony tree at Falcon State Park.


"Are you sure you wanna go up that hill?!"  (The gang at Santa Margarita Ranch)


Martin leads those brave ones up the steep grade (I was not among them...)


Lenny and Louise Hochron pose at Quinta Mazatlan.


Gary Davidson's friend Paul Whalen records the raptor show next to a burning field in the La Sal Viejas Tract.


Birders checking out the mob on the beach at South Padre Island


Joyce and Pat with "Bippy" at the canal in Sacahuistale Flats


Watching the plovers bayside at Port Mansfield


Rex and Birgit Stanford checking out the peeps at Kaufer-Hubert Park


"The girls" enjoy the birds from the covered deck at La Feria Wetlands!


Our caravan in the mega-barren northern border of The Square along the Sparrow Road Route in western Hidalgo County.

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