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All photographs ©2004-2010 by Mary Beth Stowe


Other Invertebrates - True Bugs


Any input as to species would be welcome!



Green Savius Bug, NABA Garden


Eastern Leaf-footed Bug, Quinta Mazatlan


Kissing Bug, Bentsen Rio Grande SP



Backswimmers swarm at a black-lighting event at Bentsen Rio Grande SP


Water Striders, Texan Guest Ranch


Black-spotted Dysdercus Bug, Valley Nature Center


Largid Bug sp., Valley Nature Center


Nymph of some unknown bug sp., Valley Nature Center



Hyselonotus Bug, Estero Llano Grande SP



Large Milkweed Bug, Quinta Mazatlan


Milkweed Bug nymph?  Estero Llano Grande SP


Bow-legged Bug nymph, Quinta Mazatlan


Stink Bug sp., Edinburg Scenic Wetlands


Zelus Assassin Bug, Estero Llano Grande SP

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