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All photographs ©2004-2010 by Mary Beth Stowe


Other Invertebrates - Spiders, etc.


Silver Garden Spider, dorsal left (Estero Llano Grande SP) and ventral right (Bentsen Rio Grande SP)

Silver Garden Spider with full "doily", Estero Llano Grande SP


Western Spotted Orb Spider, La Sal del Rey NWR

Western Spotted Orb Spider with Tawny Emperor for lunch (Bentsen Rio Grande SP)

Mystery orb spider, Old Hidalgo Pumphouse

Giant mystery spider with Queen for lunch, Estero Llano Grande SP


Lynx Spider with Two-lined Spittlebug for lunch (La Sal Del Rey NWR)

Giant jumping spider, Estero Llano Grande SP

Mystery jumping spider, Old Hidalgo Pumphouse

Jumping Spider with Lantana Control Moth for lunch (Old Hidalgo Pumphouse)

Tarantula, Bentsen Rio Grande SP

This Tarantula entertained a lot of people at the NABA Garden!

Crab Spider?  Estero Llano Grande SP

Picturesque spider web with hapless dragonfly, location unknown

Red mite, Santa Ana NWR


Desert Millipede, Texan Guest Ranch


Sigmoria Millipedes, Bentsen Rio Grande SP

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