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All photographs ©2004-2008 by Mary Beth Stowe


Other Invertebrates

Crab of some kind at Sunset Cliffs

Orb Weaver Spider at the TRV Bird & Butterfly Garden

Black Widow, same location

Spider sp., same location

Variegated Meadowhawk, Carrizo Marsh (Anza Borrego Desert SP)


Variegated Meadowhawks (left  near The Narrows, Anza Borrego Desert SP; right at Mount Gower OSP)

Female of the same species at Felicita County Park

Young male Flame Skimmer along the Pine Creek Trail

Male Flame Skimmer at Mission Dam

Another possible Flame Skimmer, Torrey Pines State Preserve



Vivid Dancer at Felicita County Park (three different individuals)

Another Vivid Dancer along the PCT southbound from Barrel Springs

Female Arroyo Bluet, Lake Hodges

Familiar Bluet at Mission Dam

Spotted Spreadwing along the Inaja Trail (AUG 07)


Western Forktail (I was shooting the skipper and didn't even notice the ode until I was editing the pictures!)  Famosa Slough (SEP 07)

"Orange-winged" Grasshopper along the PCT, southbound from Barrel Springs


"Red-legged" Grasshopper, Bird & Butterfly Garden

Aphids on a milkweed, Bird & Butterfly Garden

Backlit bug tornados at Lindo Lake

Bugs at a blacklighting demonstration at Rose Canyon...

Claude Edwards (background) and a helper named Kevin marvel at the midges gathering on the sheet!

Closeup of the midges

Bee Assassin (Apiomerus crassipes) along the PCT southbound from Barrel Springs

Remains of a bug skewered on the end of an agave "leaf"


San Diego Tiger Beetle (Cicindela latesignata), same location and date


Darkling Beetles

Ground Beetle

Arizona Blister Beetle

Beetle sp. at Mission Dam


                                           Seven-spotted Ladybug (exotic)                                    Convergence Ladybug (native)  Both at Mission Dam

Possible Western Red Ladybug (Tijuana Slough NWR, JUL 07)

Small June Beetle in one of the plastic viewing boxes the kids used at a blacklighting demo at Rose Canyon

A more rusty-colored June Beetle

With the book Michael Klein was using as a reference

Green Fruit Beetle, Tijuana Slough NWR (JUL 07)


Parasitic beetle

Giant Crane Fly (PCT near Boulder Oaks)

Bee Fly (Helophilus sp.)

Red Velvet Ant along the Jasper Trail

Thread-waisted Wasp at Palm Spring, Anza Borrego Desert SP

Bees have taken over Yaqui Well!

Yellow-faced Bumblebee, Loveland Reservoir (JUL 07)


Thread-waisted Wasps (digging a "larder" at right)

Dauber Wasp

Ashy-gray Velvet Ant

Tarantula Hawk, Lake Jennings (JUL 07)

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