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All photographs ©2004-2010 by Mary Beth Stowe


Other Invertebrates - Damselflies and Dragonflies

Blue-fronted Dancer, dark male (Estero Llano Grande SP)

Female, same location



Normal males, NABA Garden left, Bentsen Rio Grande SP right



Blue female, Roma WBC (Starr Co.)


Powdered Dancer, Roma WBC (Starr Co.)


Paler Powdered Dancer, NABA Garden



Unstriped blue female (Chapeño, left; Falcon State Park, right; both Starr Co.)


Brown female, Bentsen Rio Grande SP



Female Rambur's Forktail, Falcon State Park


Another female form, Santa Ana NWR



Males, Edinburg Scenic Wetlands (left) and Texan Guest Ranch (right)


Another male, Bentsen Rio Grande SP


"In the wheel", Bentsen Rio Grande SP



Desert Firetail, male left (Edinburg Scenic Wetlands); female right (Estero Llano Grande SP)


Male Familiar Bluet, Estero Llano Grande SP


Female, Yturrias Tract (LRGV NWR)


"Here's lookin' at'cha!"  (same location)



"In the wheel", Estero Llano Grande SP



Leonora's Dancers, Laguna Atascosa NWR


Female Citrine Forktail, Old Hidalgo Pumphouse



Male Dusky Dancers, Texan Guest Ranch



"In the wheel", same location



Female Dusky Dancer, Quinta Mazatlan


I thought for sure this dark damsel at Santa Ana NWR was an Ebony Jewelwing, but I was assured it was just a very dark Smoky Rubyspot!


A more normal individual at Santa Ana NWR



American Rubyspots, male (left) and female (right), both at Chapeño, Starr Co. 



Caribbean Yellowface, Bentsen Rio Grande SP


Blue-ringed Dancer, Texan Guest Ranch


In tandem, Santa Ana NWR


Dancer orgy, Santa Ana NWR



Blue-ringed Dancers, showing variability



Female Neotropic Bluets, also showing variability



Male Neotropic Bluets



Possible Blue-ringed Dancers, NABA Garden (AUG 11)


Double-striped Bluets "in the wheel", Bentsen Rio Grande SP


Rainpool Spreadwing


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