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All photographs ©2004-2011 by Mary Beth Stowe


Other Invertebrates - Beetles


Any input as to species would be welcome!



"Speckled Longhorn Beetles" mating, Frontera Audubon Thicket


White-spotted Sawyer?  Texan Guest Ranch


Black-toed Meloid, Bentsen Rio Grande SP



Two types of Soldier Beetle, NABA Garden


Eight-spotted Flea Beetle, Old hidalgo Pumphouse


Passion Leaf Flea Beetle, NABA Garden


Leaf Beetle sp., Boca Chica Tract


Harlequin Flower Beetle, Falcon Heights



Mexican Olive Beetle; adult left (Bentsen Rio Grande SP), larva right (Edinburg Scenic Wetlands)



False Potato Bug; larva left, adult right (Bentsen Rio Grande SP)



"Red-rimmed Beetles", Falcon Heights


Photurus Firefly, Bentsen Rio Grande SP


Another firefly sp?  Falcon SP



Mesquite Borer, location unknown


Scalaris Woodborer, NABA Garden


Lissonotus flavocinctus, NABA Garden


Red-necked Thornytail, NABA Garden



Dung Beetles, Port Mansfield


Josh Rose's pet Rhinoceros Beetle, Bentsen Rio Grande SP



Bippy had a friend on her door when I got back; best match appears to be an Asian Multicolored Lady Beetle.



This colorful bug along the Sparrow Road Route was ID'd by the good folks at BugGuide as Epicauta immaculata (Immaculate Blister Beetle)


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