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All photographs ©2007 - 2010 by Mary Beth Stowe


Ode Hunt, 30 OCT 2010


Abbreviations:  Bentsen Rio Grande State Park (BRGSP)

                        NABA Garden (NABA)

                        Old Hidalgo Pumphouse (OHP)

                        Santa Ana NWR (SANWR)

                        Estero Llano Grande State Park (ELGSP) 



Rainpool Spreadwing, life ode #3 for the day! (ELGSP)    



More Rainpool Spreadwings, same location



Rambur's Forktail; male left (OHP), female right (BRGSP)


Pair "in the wheel", ELGSP



Female Familiar Bluets (left and center NABA, right BRGSP)



Another female Familiar Bluet with a darker antehumeral stripe, OHP



Immature male (?) Familiar Bluets, NABA



Adult male Familiar Bluet; left OHP, right ELGSP


Really furry against the light!  (Same location)



Kiowa Dancer, OHP 


Young female Blue-ringed Dancer, SANWR



Adult male Blue-ringed Dancer (darker individual on right), SANWR



Blue-ringed Dancers ovipositing in tandem, SANWR.  Two different pairs, as the left male has a very purple antehumeral stripe!


"So who d'ya think's gonna win the World Series?"



Bug of the Day:  Golden-winged Dancer (life ode)! OHP


Desert Firetail, OHP



Common Green Darner; BRGSP left, ELGSP right (if only the "good" ones would be that cooperative, right?)



Common Green Darner pair in tandem and ovipositing, SANWR



Variegated Meadowhawk, BRGSP



In tandem and ovipositing, OHP



Male Eastern Pondhawks; left BRGSP, right OHP


Female Eastern Pondhawk, SANWR


Distant Pin-tailed Pondhawk, SANWR


Female Blue Dasher, BRGSP


Male Blue Dasher, OHP


Spot-tailed Dashers in tandem, OHP



Male Spot-tailed Dashers, OHP




Roseate Skimmer, adult male (left, Retama Village); immature male (?) (right, NABA)


Female Roseate Skimmer, SANWR


Evening Skimmer, life bug #2 for the day (thanks, Tripp)!  SANWR


Red-tailed Pennant, ELGSP


Black Saddlebags, BRGSP



Red Saddlebags, ELGSP


Token leps...



Giant White, SANWR


Red Admiral, NABA



Mexican Bluewings (male left, female right), NABA


Two-barred Flasher, NABA


White-striped Longtail, NABA



Mystery grass skipper (worn Common Mellana?); Retama Village


Eufala Skipper, OHP


Sachem, Retama Village



Brazilian Skipper, Retama Village



Presumed Ocola Skipper, OHP (had an awfully golden head...)


Hinna Moth (Lesmone hinna), BRGSP


Other critters...



Rosebelly Lizard, SANWR



Great Kisakdee, ELGSP

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