Photo Gallery - 2015 Field Trips

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All photographs ©2015 by Mary Beth Stowe


July 23, 2015 - Old Port Isabel Road & South Padre Island


Very fuzzy Redhead that nonetheless isn't supposed to be here now!


Long-billed Curlew


Botteri's Sparrow



Reddish Egret dances for his supper at South Padre.  Some dark morph birds will  have a few white feathers in their wings.


Today's larid flock consisted of Royal, Sandwich, and Black Terns, with a token Laughing Gull (out of view at the moment).


A closer view that includes the Laughing Gull... (Note the Blacks that are still almost in complete breeding plumage!)


Four of the 50 or so Black Terns hanging around...


Non-breeding plumage (or nearly so)



A couple more examples...


Marbled Godwit



Saucy Beauty, one of our more spectacular moths!


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