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All photographs ©2014 by Mary Beth Stowe


November 16, 2014 - Resaca de la Palma SP

This female Carpodacus finch showed up at the feeder area; I presumed Purple, but I was advised not to rule out Cassin's.  The strong facial contrast certainly suggested Purple, but the more pointed bill, the presence of an eyering, and finer breast streaking that appears to go all the way to the undertail coverts suggest Cassin's.  I've included a compilation of comments below, leaving out names on purpose!





In favor of Cassin's:

In favor of Purple:

Those erring on the side of caution:


Now for the rest of the morning's pictures...


"Ebony Resaca" from the tram road (in fog)


Dew-drenched spiderweb


Presumed Dot-lined Angle Moth


Another foggy resaca


Not sure if this is just another Dot-winged Angle, but it might be...



White-tailed Kite through the haze



Mystery Moths


Painted Lady



Orange-barred Sulphur, one of Resaca's signature butterflies!  (Female left, male right)


Photo op...


Worn Mimosa Skipper



Boisduval's Yellow, another specialty (kinda wrinkled on the right...)


A Great Kiskadee thinks about pouncing...


Dusky-blue Groundstreak


A rare look at the dorsal side of this Silver-banded Hairstreak

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