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All photographs ©2014 by Mary Beth Stowe


November 2, 2014 - Butterfly Hunt

National Butterfly Center (aka NABA)

Hawaiian Beet Webworm Moth


Bordered Patch


Red-bordered Pixie


Ceraunus Blue



Tawny Emperor (male left, female right)


Emperor party


Phaon Crescent



This Phaon Crescent has a stronger median band.


Pearl Crescent



I never thought flies could be this colorful!



Texas Patch-nosed Snake  (thanks to Terry Hibbitts for the ID!)


Eastern Screech Owl in his nest box.


White Peacock




Southern Broken Dash


Sickle-winged Skipper



Fiery Skipper


Cudweed Grasshopper


Cloudless Sulphur




White Checkered Skipper


Eufala Skipper


Chestnut Short-wing Katydid 

Common Mellana

Painted Lady

Estero Llano Grande State Park


Rounded Metalmark


Guava Skipper

Gray Hairstreak

Common Mellana (female)


Red-bordered Metalmark (male left, female right)

Baby Inca Doves

Dusky-blue Groundstreak


A couple of different "doily" Orb Spiders

Giant Swallowtail

Mallow Scrub Hairstreak

Chalky Spreadwing

Resaca de la Palma State Park 


Blue Metalmark

Vesta Crescent (with deformed forewings)

Southern Broken Dash

Pale Red Bugs (yes, that's really the species name...Dysdercus concinnus)

Fawn-spotted Skipper

Pale Green Darner

Spotted Bird Grasshopper (again, best guess...)

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