Photo Gallery - 2014 Field Trips

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All photographs ©2014 by Mary Beth Stowe


May 3, 2014 - South Padre Island


Common Nighthawk at Sheepshead



Yellow Warbler; note the rufous mark on the left cheek (this is the same bird)!

Inca Dove


Bay-breasted Warbler

Black-chinned Hummingbird; note the blob-shaped primary.


Bell's Vireo (rather rare in the Valley; looped three times)

A late Ruby-crowned Kinglet at the Convention Centre

A Yellow Warbler and Indigo Bunting share the water feature.

Post-bath Magnolia Warbler

Black-and-white Warbler


Interesting female oriole:  the head pattern suggests Bullock's but the back and wing pattern suggests a first year Baltimore; consensus landed on the latter!


Rose-breasted Grosbeaks:  male on the left, female on the right, and both in the middle!

Gray-cheeked Thrush

Skulky Ovenbird delighted a lot of folks!

Eastern Kingbird out on the boardwalk.

Wilson's Plover

Chestnut-sided Warbler in the sun back at Sheepshead.

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