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All photographs ©2014 by Mary Beth Stowe


May 18, 2014 - Shorebird Hunt


First, here are some Cane Toads from Willow Lake, Santa Ana NWR; from a distance they resemble the trilling of Lesser Nighthawks!  Thanks to all who ID'd them for me!



We start at the Weaver Road sod farms, where a Killdeer tries to draw us away from her nest!


We hit the jackpot at the north end with several Buff-breasted Sandpipers right in front of us on the road!





Being cute before hightailing it across the road...





More interesting on the "rarity scale" was this late Upland Sandpiper (upper right) in with the Buffies!



Awful light, but the larger size is apparent.


The resaca at the SR 100/US 77 exit had these adorable baby Black-necked Stilts!



Several Roseate Spoonbills were at the Port Isabel Reservoir



View from the county park at Laguna Madre



You really needed a video to appreciate the gyrations this Reddish Egret was going through to get lunch on South Padre Island!



One of several Dunlin on the beach


Sanderling in breeding plumage


Proud Sandwich Tern



Continuing the species...



Black Skimmers lazing on the beach



They really know how to chill out!


Ruddy Turnstone



Mystery empid--I'm leaning towards Least Flycatcher

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