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All photographs ©2014 by Mary Beth Stowe


May 26, 2014 - La Sal Viejas


Early on, a Common Ground Dove was singing while being drowned out by the Great-tailed Grackle concert...


If you decide to do this route, this gives you an idea of what the roads look like...


Dry-as-a-bone La Sal Viejas along CR 30


Northern Bobwhite



Adult Black-throated Sparrow; I had a juvenile earlier on, so maybe they're breeding in here?? 



Baby Bewick's Wren in a cactus patch towards the south end of CR 30


A little pond just north of SR 183 had a late Shoveler hanging with a couple of Fulvous Whistling Ducks.


A Bronzed Cowbird (right) poses in a sorghum/sunflower field with a Red-winged Blackbird.


A Lark Sparrow where I got lost in a gas well turnaround...


A canal along CR 105 that had lots of Cave Swallows nesting underneath the bridge.


The road to the La Sal Viejas trailhead on the far eastern edge of the refuge.


Blue Grosbeak song and call


Painted Bunting sings near a Hilcorp well.


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