Photo Gallery - 2014 Field Trips

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All photographs ©2014 by Mary Beth Stowe


March 22, 2014 - Birder Patrol Trip to Sacahuistale Flats & Port Mansfield


Sunrise outside my apartment in North McAllen



Female Wild Turkey in an ag field along SR 186


Enjoying a Cassin's Sparrow at the Flats


Brown Pelicans and Double-crested Cormorants at the canal in Port Mansfield (notice the pelican on the right stretching his pouch!)



Some of the gazillion White-tailed Deer in town...


Laughing Gull at the new fishing area.


Long-billed Curlew

A pair of Willets chase each other at Fred Stone County Park.


Checking out the estuary at the end of the road.

Laughing Gull looking for a handout

One of several Wilson's Plovers nesting on the sand.


Two different Great Horned Owl nests with babies.

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