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All photographs ©2014 by Mary Beth Stowe


March 2, 2014 - Monte Cristo Tracts


A "through the windshield" shot of John Brush perusing what's left of the wetlands along Wallace Road...



...and a "through the branches" look at a female Ladder-backed Woodpecker!


A little fuzzy, but my first Cinnamon Teal (right) of the route was in a flock of Blue-winged Teal (left)!


Flapping Blue-winged Teal



Snazzy male Lesser Goldfinch feeding along the road.


A few extra shots that John took with his "point-and-shoot" for comparison (!!!)...


American Pipit along North Bryan Road


The same lady Ladderback I was shooting (should I trade my Canon in??? ☺)


Long-billed Thrasher (pretty darn good considering the lousy light conditions when he took it!)


Red-tailed Hawk

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