Photo Gallery - 2014 Field Trips

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All photographs ©2014 by Mary Beth Stowe


June 1, 2014 - La Sal Del Rey



Early morning at the La Sal del Rey overlook.



Verdin along Brushline Road.


A Lark Sparrow sings along a side road off Brushline; after the first song you'll hear a Bewick's Wren sing in the background, and just before the third song a Ladder-backed Woodpecker interjects his laugh.



Incoming!  A Couch's Kingbird successfully bullies a Crested Caracara along GI Road!


The Couch's Kingbird returns to his perch.



Painted Buntings are abundant along this route. 


A Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (a rare breeder in the Valley) buzzes while a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher calls over him with single pups.



Brown-crested Flycatchers often sit on the wires.    In this recording the flycatcher is giving a single pup call, but you'll also hear a Yellow-billed Cuckoo early on, a Cardinal singing in the background, and then the sprightly song of a Lark Sparrow.


The recent rains have turned the fields along GI Road into lush grasslands!


The "Barren Field" just past Rio Beef Road is now full of sorghum!


A colony of Great-tailed Grackles splits the air at the same spot...


A big grasshopper comes to visit in the heat of the day along Rio Beef Road.


Another curious Brown-crested Flycatcher comes to see what the fuss is about at the marsh near the end of the road.


A Summer Tanager sings its whistled song in competition with chirping House Sparrows and a Red-winged Blackbird; at the beginning of the recording a Common Gallinule sounds off, while a Common Yellowthroat sings at the very end.


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