Photo Gallery - 2014 Field Trips

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All photographs ©2014 by Mary Beth Stowe


July 6, 2014 - South Padre Island - the Rest of the Pics...


Sunrise at the north end of PR 100


Early morning dunes



Snowy Plovers being adorable...


Royal (orange bill) and Sandwich Terns


Green Heron



Pretty sure these are Needham's Skimmers (female left, young male right); corrections welcome!



Baby Common Gallinule


Black-bellied Whistling Duck


Great-tailed Grackle giving the Evil Eye...



A hapless Seaside Dragonlet became lunch for this fish...


The swirls made by the fish created an interesting pattern!



Swimming tire tread... (Alligator)


Common Gallinule



This Common Nighthawk came sailing in for a drink!



What's he got--an eel??


Great Southern White


Young (?) Mottled Duck



Weird duck at the Birding Center--like a Mottled with a black bill!  Domestic blood?  Teal genes??



"Real" Mottled Ducks


Eurasian Collared Doves have taken over the place!



Head shot of a very tame youngster on the railing!


Duck, duck, dove...


Great Blue Heron with one heckuva kink in his neck!









First year female Golden-cheeked Warbler at the south side of the Sheepshead Lot; key field marks that separate it from Black-throated Green include completely white underparts, lack of an auricular patch, strong eyeline and "hook", "arrows" in the upper wing bar, and light streaking in the undertail coverts.  Last but not least, the timing would indicate Golden-cheeked as they're dispersing now, whereas Black-throated Green don't start showing up in south Texas until August!







First year Goldencheeks also may not show any streaking on the back as an adult would.


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