Photo Gallery - 2014 Field Trips

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All photographs ©2014 by Mary Beth Stowe


July 13, 2014 - Bentsen Rio Grande State Park

Great-tailed Grackle cacophony in the parking lot before dawn.



Northern Beardless Tyrannulet by the resaca. 


You-tube video taken by John Brush:



Distant Blue Grosbeak at the Hawk Tower



Empress Leilia



Orchard Oriole


Roadrunner that literally hit the ground running before disappearing into the brush!


Blue Spiny Lizard



Baby Gulf Coast Toads along the Kiskadee Trail


Texas Tortoise



Thanks to a tip from Ranger Roy, we found this leucistic Lesser Nighthawk in the parking lot!


Additional photos by John Brush:


Moon shot


Resaca at sunrise



Green Jay feeding a Bronzed Cowbird


Female Black Setwing


Anhinga Wannabe (sunning Groove-billed Ani)


Black Phoebe


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