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All photographs ©2014 by Mary Beth Stowe


February 22, 2014 - Birder Patrol Trip to the Brownsville Dump & Boca Chica Beach


Pat Heirs busies herself collecting the fees while Norma Friedrich (in the sunglasses) chats with some of her ACAS group!


Not the most picturesque place, but the dump is famous for its gull collection!



Here the group peruses the flock for a rare Lesser Black-backed or Glaucous Gull (L-R, of those I know:  Linda and Larry Layne, Pat, Norma, Anita Westervelt, and Cheryle Beck)


A pale 1st-year Herring Gull got everyone's attention at first...


This young Crested Caracara joined the throng on the north side.


From the huge parking area on the north side, part of the group sorts through the crowd gathered for breakfast...


(We were amazed no gulls got buried, but hopefully they're smart enough to move...)


A selection of patrons including Herring, Ring-billed, and Laughing Gulls; Black and Turkey Vultures; and Cattle Egrets.


Looking north, there's a tremendous wetland that had even more goodies, including at least three Lesser Black-backed Gulls (note the Hitchcockian background...)!


A young White-tailed Hawk surveyed the area from a telephone pole...


At Boca Chica Beach, the most exciting event was freeing one of our cars from a submerged log!


(An abandoned toy pail came in handy...)

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