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All photographs ©2014 by Mary Beth Stowe


December 6, 2014 - Las Palomas WMA (Arroyo Colorado) & Adolph Thomae CP

One of the trails at Las Palomas WMA, Arroyo Colorado Unit


Imagine being alone on the trail and suddenly hearing this right next to you!


On to Adolph Thomae!


Close-up of the gull and pelican gang


Adult Brown Pelican sailing overhead


Curve-billed Thrasher



I didn't even notice this Great Blue Heron at the boat ramp until he voiced his displeasure! 



Doing his bittern impersonation in order to keep an eye on me!



You can't see it, but the arrow is pointing to a Great Blue Heron shot with maximum zoom below...


(I didn't even see the ibis...)



In the middle, what I thought at first was a white morph Reddish Egret turned out to be an oddball Great Egret!  (He flew and croaked to prove himself...)  Almost looks like one of the Old World races!


Western Pygmy Blue


Both Turkey (left) and Black Vultures were feasting on the remains of Road Kill...


The Black Vultures weren't too happy about having their meal interrupted, either, and "whuffed" at me from the trees!  (Sounds somewhat like a dog that wants to bark at you but doesn't quite get it out...)


Walking Stick along the Nature Trail


The grating sound of a Caspian Tern is almost drowned out by a Great Kiskadee!

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