Photo Gallery - 2014 Field Trips

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All photographs ©2014 by Mary Beth Stowe


August 16, 2014 - Quinta Mazatlan & Old Hidalgo Pumphouse

An Alder Flycatcher "pips" near the entrance trail.



Green Parakeets, one of the specialties of Quinta Mazatlan! 


Golden-fronted Woodpecker competes for a nest hole on the same tree!


This juvenile Clay-colored Thrush shows spots on the breast.


Eastern Cottontail along the new "jungle trail".


Dusky-blue Groundstreak over by the pond.


Mom and baby Plain Chachalaca by the feeders.



One no longer has to go to 5th and Gardenia to see the Monk Parakeets; these were right along the entrance to Old Hidalgo Pumphouse!   


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