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All photographs ©2013 by Mary Beth Stowe


September 7, 2013 - South Padre Island

Early morning storms on the way...

The nasal call of a Tricolored Heron on Laguna Madre Bay


The wooden du-du-du notes of a Short-billed Dowitcher followed by the squawk of a Great Blue Heron (looped once)


Sandwich Terns with two smaller Black Terns (one in flight)

Sandwich Terns interacting


Black Tern stretching  (calls are more squeaky and wheezy than the Sandwich's)


Trio of diners (L-R:  Laughing Gull, Sanderling, Black-bellied Plover)


Laughing Gull followed by the high-pitched feeding calls of a Sanderling



Black-bellied Plover transitioning into non-breeding plumage






Yellow Warbler at the Convention Centre


Fuzzy Julia Heliconian


A few more migrants are over at the Sheepshead Lot, like this Eastern Kingbird.


Warbling Vireo



Probable Least Flycatcher (open to debate!)



Non-breeding Semipalmated Plover


This White Ibis was pretty beat up, but check out that blue eye!



Wood Stork


Scud rising into a huge storm along SR 100!


(San Benito was getting clobbered...)


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