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All photographs ©2013 by Mary Beth Stowe


September 22, 2013 - Santa Ana NWR


Those familiar with mushrooms can perhaps take a stab at these!


(All taken along the Willow Lakes Trail...)




Male Queen, identified by the black "stigma" (the dark oval spot) on the hindwing.



Harris' Hawk


This Fox Squirrel didn't like the presence of me or the hawks!


The Rio Grande Leopard Frogs were singing up a storm in the drained Willow Lakes!



Eastern Wood Pewee along the tour route


While looking for a reported Townsend's Warbler, this Black-and-white Warbler was making a very similar chink call and had me fooled for a minute!


Much more common were Yellow Warblers, with their bright chirps.


Also along the Pintail Lakes Trail were several Groove-billed Anis.


Butterflies back along the tour road...



Aptly-named American Snout



Laviana White Skipper, best told by the "Y" pattern on the underwing.



The best sighting of the day was this Texas Powdered Skipper!


Phaon Crescent

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