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All photographs ©2013 by Mary Beth Stowe


September 28, 2013 - VNC Trip to Boca Chica Beach


Horde of Brown Pelicans and friends just short of the jetties


Royal Terns


Sandwich Terns



The star of the morning was this immaculate Lesser Black-backed Gull, shot by Bob out his side of the car...



Another shot with some interesting wave action...


...and with an obliging Forster's Tern flying by!


Here a Forster's Tern (left) poses with a Common Tern; note how the black is limited to the ear patch on the Forster's.


Common Tern; the darker carpal bar and flight feathers are also good field marks.


Juvenile Least Tern, looking like a miniature Common!



Great Blue Heron patrols the dunes



In flight


Red Knot (not red this time of year)


Young Crested Caracara with a full crop


Every VNC trip has to have a "Birder Patrol" shot--here's the unorganized one...

...and the organized one!


L-R:  Mary Jane, Norma, Anita, Sue, Bob, and Pat

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