Photo Gallery - 2013 Field Trips

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All photographs ©2013 by Mary Beth Stowe


October 12, 2013 - Big Sit @ Estero Llano Grande SP


Sunrise at Estero



Mary Gustafson, Huck Hutchins, and Cheryl and Paul from Houston set up watch over Ibis Pond


Huck, Estero's fearless park host!


A little later Ranger John Yochum (right) joins the fray!


Mary and Huck are getting a little punchy while Terry Fuller ignores the whole thing...



Later Marci Fuller and Mary confer on Rio Grande Valley Bird Festival matters...


Meanwhile Kyle O'Haver takes daughter Sibley for a walk (note her neon-green bins...)


A Wood Stork soars overhead


Ranger John finds a Mexican Tree Frog!


The deck from the Spoonbill Trail


An Indigo Snake slinks across the Waders Trail




One of many Common Ground Doves along the Camino de Aves Trail


Butterflies were more cooperative than the birds for photos (all taken in the parking lot unless noted)...


Giant Swallowtail along the Back Trail



Bordered Patch





A very fresh (left) and very worn White Peacock



Dorsal view of the fresh individual above



Cloudless Sulphurs



The female Snout on the left is basically saying "Beat it!" to the male trying to approach her from below...


Lyside Sulphur



White-patched Skipper

Gray Hairstreak

Clouded Skipper

Common Mestra

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