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All photographs ©2013 by Mary Beth Stowe


November 3, 2013 - Santa Monica Wetlands & Resaca de la Palma SP



One of several Lark Sparrows along Zinnia Road (listen for the snorts interspersed with the songs!)


Also along Zinnia Road were at least two Altamira Orioles!



Crested Caracara along Wildlife Road


Savannah Sparrow along Citation Road


A pair of Sandhill Cranes flies over.


Inca Dove near a homestead along Old Alice Road



House Wren near the same location; the harsh chatter is the wren's scold, but you can also hear the soft smacks of Lincoln's Sparrows and an Eastern Phoebe singing its fee-beebee! song in the background. 

Said Eastern Phoebe!

Lincoln's Sparrow hiding in the thorns along the levee.


This young Crested Caracara stayed put long after its parents fled the scene!

Harris' Hawk in the same group of trees.


Over at Primrose Road, the wintering Peregrine Falcon stares me down from his perch on the water tower!


The prize, however, was this Prairie Falcon (a vagrant from the west), apparently returning for his second winter!  (The perched bird was taken through the windshield, so it's a little fuzzy...)

In the grasslands several Sprague's Pipits (a "most-wanted" bird for many visitors) were bouncing around and being very vocal

Also along Primrose Road was what I thought was a Canvasback at first based on the profile (in terrible light, of course), but the male had a ring on the bill and a grayish body--a hybrid perhaps??



Band-celled Sister, one of Resaca de la Palma's signature butterflies!

Sickle-winged Skippers were out the yin yang today!

Roseate Skimmer (token ode)


The Blue Metalmark is another signature species; even the female is gorgeous...


...but the male is absolutely stunning!

Mimosa Skipper

I think it's just an optical illusion, but this bee appears to be landing on the sister's wing!

(Another Band-celled Sister joined by a Common Mestra)

Female Red-bordered Metalmark

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