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All photographs ©2013 by Mary Beth Stowe


May 3, 2013 - South Padre Island Revisited


Another cold front was due to come through on the 2nd, but the rain part of it fizzled out and left only a stiff north wind.  Nonetheless I took another vacation day to see what landed on the Island, and wasn't disappointed!


While two fishermen brave the wind and rough waters of the Laguna Madre, a Peregrine Falcon enjoys breakfast on the beach!


A Sanderling runs against the wind...


When I got out of the car at the Convention Centre, this little guy met me!  (Black-throated Green Warbler)



Chestnut-sided Warbler at the water feature



A log is set up, mealworms offered, and it doesn't take long for the hungry little birds to dive in! (Chestnut-sided Warbler)



A Black-and-white Warbler follows suit!



Prothonotary Warbler



Western Tanager, a vagrant to the Valley


Female Scarlet Tanager


A Black-throated Green Warbler joins in.


"That's my worm!"


"Not if I get there first!!"



This Cape May Warbler (also a vagrant on the Texas Coast) prefers the oranges.



So does this much-sought-after Worm-eating Warbler!



He eventually makes his way to the water feature.


Red-eyed Vireo, also at the water feature



Female Bay-breasted Warbler


The Worm-eating Warbler is waiting in line for a chance at an orange that one of the ubiquitous Tennessee Warblers has claimed!


Tennessee Warbler (I actually had to back up to take this, he was so close!)



Many, like this Magnolia Warbler, feed in the grass near the gazebo.


American Redstart



Gray-cheeked Thrush


Least Flycatcher



Blackburnian Warbler feeds in one of the mesquites...


...which delights a group only feet away!



This male Bay-breasted Warbler forages nearby, then eventually makes his way to the "back side" oranges!



This Black-throated Green Warbler feeds in the area bordering the marsh.


Shy Yellow Warbler


In the "back yard", all sorts of interesting concoctions are mixed for the hungry travelers!  (Female Orchard Oriole and Black-throated Green Warbler)



From the marsh overlook, this white morph Reddish Egret's "mane" blows in the wind!


Rightly called "The Villain", Great-tailed Grackles often prey on the exhausted warblers.

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