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All photographs ©2013 by Mary Beth Stowe


March 31, 2013 - Estero Llano Grande SP



An Opossum scampers across one of the park host's yards back in the Tropical Zone


A Blue-headed Vireo sings a tentative song in the Tropical Zone, accompanied by Golden-fronted Woodpeckers.



Black-crested Titmouse near the VC feeders



Two Neotropic Cormorants (immature left, adult right) share a log at Ibis Pond.



Despite having all four toes webbed, their feet are great at grasping branches!


Subadult Roseate Spoonbill along the aptly named Spoonbill Trail, along with a Black-necked Stilt.



Mottled Duck (with Black-necked Stilt on left, and a female Green-winged Teal on right)


Stilt Sandpipers (and a couple of Long-billed Dowitchers) snooze along the shore.



Some of the Stilt Sandpipers are just starting to show their breeding colors, like the bird on the left.



Similar in pattern, the Long-billed Dowitcher is larger, heavier, and has a longer, straighter bill.


Three members of the huge flock of Fulvous Whistling Ducks on Dowitcher Pond.


At Alligator Lake, Ranger John tries to help a visitor from Montreal identify some wetland flowers!


Thornscrub habitat of the Camino de Aves Trail (look hard for the little bridge mentioned next...)


A Couch's Kingbird calls from an exposed branch.


Stern-looking Great Kiskadee on the bridge crossing the little creek


The lovely Mesquite-lined "Back Trail"


Pearl Crescent


Cactus flower (Beavertail?)


Checkered White on ????



Reakirt's Blue


Huisache blooms


White Peacock back at the VC



Laviana White Skipper in the parking lot


Female Familiar Bluet

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