Photo Gallery - 2013 Field Trips

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All photographs ©2013 by Mary Beth Stowe


July 27, 2013 - VNC Trip to Sacahuistale Flats & Port Mansfield


Two baby Gull-billed Terns following Mommy for a snack


Wood Stork (one of a flock of eight)



Immature White-tailed Hawk



Two members of the Port Mansfield White-tailed Deer population in velvet


Long-billed Curlew


Bambi comes to check us out...


Part of the herd checks out Joyce's car (note the two leaping fawns)!


Laughing Gulls (the one in the middle is a young bird, while the other two are adults transitioning into non-breeding plumage)


A young Great Blue Heron sporting an "Alfalfa Sprout" at Fred Stone County Park!

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