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All photographs ©2013 by Mary Beth Stowe


February 9, 2013 - Old Port Isabel Road & South Padre Island


"Aplomado Falcon" that morphed into a Merlin as we got closer... (along OPIR)



Piping Plovers on the Bayside Beach, just north of the Convention Centre


Piping (left) and Semipalmated Plovers together, showing the classic "dry sand/wet sand" difference!


A flock of Black Skimmers drifts by


Herring Gull liftoff


Reddish Egret having a Bad Hair Day (not unusual with these guys...)


Terry Fuller points out the lost Flammulated Owl to a group of Nature Expo attendees...


...while another couple enjoy a Common Gallinule along the boardwalk!


Another cooperative gallinule appears on our side of the boardwalk!


While on the boardwalk we heard this odd sound, and were surprised to see a Pied-billed Grebe making it!  An alarm call of some sort??



Little Blue Heron near the end of the north "pier"



Tricolored Heron on the other side


If anyone has to see a close-up Redhead or they're gonna die, this is the place to come!



Male Redheads--aptly named!



Female above, male below.



Snoozing out in the bay


Black Skimmer and Laughing Gull (gull recording at right) enjoying a bath   (listen carefully and you can hear the sound of the gulls flapping in the water!)



A Marbled Godwit (above and below) puts on a nice show!





The Bird of the Day for me was this American Bittern looking for lunch in the (relative) open!






Talk about looking down your nose!


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