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All photographs ©2013 by Mary Beth Stowe


April 13, 2013 - South Padre Island



First thing in the morning, the light is best for checking out the "beach boys" in the Laguna Madre beach access area, just north of the Convention Centre!  This is a Semipalmated Plover.



This is a Piping Plover, and endangered species.  Their back is the color of dry sand, whereas the Semipalmated's is the color of wet sand!


Most are in their breeding finery; this Laughing Gull is no exception!



Least Terns (also an endangered species) have returned to nest.  This is the smallest of our terns, as the name implies!


The ubiquitous Royal Tern, one of our largest terns. 


A Dunlin, kind of in transition between non-breeding and breeding plumages.


Sanderling, still very much in non-breeding plumage.


Black-bellied Whistling Ducks were all over the lawns and roof of the Convention Centre!



Cooperative Wood Thrush at the water feature.



Nashville Warbler considers taking a bath, then jumps right in!


This tailless Yellow-rumped Warbler had a lot of folks scratching their heads at first!


This brilliant male Indigo Bunting was next!


On the boardwalk, this Marsh Wren was burbling, then made a brief appearance!  (Don't cry, MJ... ☺) 



Red-winged Blackbirds are all over!



A real surprise was this Chimney Swift zipping around low over the marsh!



Also a surprise was this lingering American Bittern (also below)!



San Diego birding buddy Alice DeBolt poses with a friendly Great-tailed Grackle!


Over at Sheepshead, someone found this pretty Carpenter Bee!



Oranges put out by those who tend the bird sanctuaries attract many hungry migrants, like this Orchard Oriole.


The familiar Baltimore Oriole also comes through in numbers.


Normally found further west, this Bullock's Oriole is a rarity on the Island!



A Yellow-breasted Chat sneaks in for a taste!


Back at the Convention Centre, this female Painted Bunting takes a dip (although lots of folks were hoping for the more colorful male...)!


Another Indigo Bunting feeds in the understory.



This Yellow-throated Warbler was hanging out in the "back yard".



Also in the "back yard", a pair of Scarlet Tanagers caused a lot of excitement, but only the female posed for pictures...



The star for many was this friendly Prothonotary Warbler!


Less colorful but pretty in his own way was this Clay-colored Sparrow (we didn't see the yellow one that showed up the week before...)!

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