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April 27, 2013 - VNC Field Trip to South Padre Island (The Great 2013 Fallout)


The very next day the Birder Patrol was scheduled to hit the Island as well, and thankfully many of the wonderful birds had hung around!  It was a beautiful day, and we had several beginning birders on board who had never seen a fallout of any kind, so what some may call the "leftovers" was more than a feast for the eyes for others!  On board was the core group of myself, MJ, Pat, Joyce, and Norma; plus semi-regulars like Sue Griffin and Marie Stewart.  Rounding out the group were ACAS members Barbara and Anita, the latter who was like a kid on Christmas morning with all the wonderful birds and photo ops!  Barbara also got several life birds, and even MJ got a handful!  I ran into my San Diego buddies Alice Debolt and Tony Merceica again, so it was fun seeing them one last time before they headed back west!


We first stopped at the Sheepshead Lot (which I didn't visit on Friday), which was still full of Indigo Buntings and tanagers!



Indigo Buntings: male in full breeding dress far left, a male still in transition in the middle, and a female at right.

The ubiquitous Eurasian Collared Dove wanted center stage as well...

From there we headed on to the Convention Centre, where Scarlet and crew still had the "Citrus Bar" open (as someone coined it ☺)!  We didn't have to go far before finding delightful feathers!

Upon arrival, the blackbird cacophony is incredible:  the high, squeaky sounds are Brown-headed Cowbirds, the single loud, rising note is a Great-tailed Grackle, and the things that sound like they're being strangled are Yellow-headed Blackbirds!


The Prothonotary Warbler was in better shape today!

The Kentucky Warbler was back for more mealworms!

"Hey!  Where's my breakfast?!"


Hooded Warblers were underfoot again, pouring on the cuteness!


Not the best shots, but this female Western Tanager caused some excitement, as they're considered a vagrant in the Valley!


Both Swainson's (left) and Gray-cheeked Thrushes (right) fed side-by-side in the grass; this Graycheek was missing his tail!


This young male Summer Tanager saw that we were offering mealworms and came right in!


This female Cape May Warbler, also considered a rarity in the Valley, brought flashbacks of 2012 when several of these beauties came through South Padre!


After his unpleasant encounter with the Centre yesterday, the Swainson's Warbler kept to skulking in the undergrowth today!

Adult female Northern Parula


The Philadelphia Vireo was still hanging around the back side and delighted many!


We wandered out onto the boardwalk and enjoyed this point-blank Lesser Yellowlegs!

A Black-bellied Whistling Duck watches us from the railing.


Like the Redstarts yesterday, this Black-and-white Warbler is oblivious to us as he forages amongst the slats!

Tony alerted us to the presence of this Yellow-crowned Night Heron, who apparently hadn't moved a muscle for hours!


I thought this Rose-breasted Grosbeak was interesting in that he had a rosy stripe all the way to his belly!

Not one, but two Bobolinks showed up this day! 

At first are the chatters of a Ruby-throated Hummingbird, but then is a soft binky-bink subsong of one of the Bobolinks (looped once)!

Catch the subtle hue differences in the blues of this Indigo Bunting!


One of the noisy Yellow-headed Blackbirds horns in for a bath!

One last peek at the back yard turns up this female Magnolia Warbler!

One of the many Gray Catbirds wraps up the day!


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