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Spring Blitz

Part 22:  La Sal del Rey (30 APR)

So now I had to figure out a strategy for the rest of the day, as I wasn’t ready to call it quits yet, but swinging by South Padre was unreasonable as I’d get there just about the time I’d have to leave to get home by five!  So I decided to swing by La Sal del Rey, seeing as that was right on the way home.  I like to take US 77 and cut over on SR 186 as the drive through King Ranch is so much more scenic than cutting over on SR 285 to Falfurrias, but what I didn’t anticipate was the rainstorm of bugs!!!  They weren’t butterflies, and I was wondering if they were bees or something, but when I stopped in Raymondville (along with everyone else who had to clean their windshields), I discovered they were those “Love Bugs” that would swarm in Florida in the spring – I had no idea they were here in Texas!  Obviously they must have emerged with all the rain we’ve had, but boy, Diggory’s nose is just covered – you can’t even read the license plate!  I sure hope the Monster Car Wash will even take ‘im! (They did—for an extra two bucks! J)

Love Bug assault...

Anyway, the swing through La Sal (except for all the big rigs barreling through:  Rio Beef was closed due to road work, and it looks like these trucks were hauling debris or gravel) was very productive, despite the time of day:  lots of stuff was still singing, and while several new day species were added, I was thrilled with a handful of new trip birds, including a young male Bullock’s Oriole, a Harris’ Hawk, and a noisy Green Jay, but the star was in with a group of circling TVs:  a Mississippi Kite!  I felt like I had come full circle, as old friends from the western portion of the trip showed up, like Pyrrhuloxia, Bewick’s Wren, and the White-tipped Dove!

Bewick's Wren

Got home fine, ending the trip with 289 species!

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