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East Pineywoods, Texas

Damselflies and Dragonflies

(Many of these are best guesses--comments and corrections are welcome!


Consensus on this little guy (or gal) is a female Blue-tipped Dancer, although I have one vote for Dusky Dancer as well (more votes incoming, I think...)!


Fragile Forktail, Martin Dies SP (The size of my thumb gives you an idea of how tiny this thing is!)

Female Blue-ringed Dancer, Berry Farm Park

Blue-fronted Dancer (young male?), Berry Farm Park

Another Blue-fronted Dancer (male), Lake Wright Patman


Rear view of an in-flight Common Green Darner, Martin Dies SP

Slaty Skimmer with stowaway, Caddo Lake SP


Great Blue Skimmer (immature?) from different angles; Martin Dies SP


Great Blue Skimmer (female), Martin Dies SP

Another female Great Blue Skimmer, Caddo NWR


Wandering Glider, Martin Creek Lake SP


Usual view...

Another Wandering Glider at Atlanta SP


Male Four-spotted Pennant, Lake Wright Patman


Female, same location


Eastern Pondhawk (female), Martin Dies SP


Eastern Pondhawk (male), Martin Dies SP


Another Eastern Pondhawk, Lake Wright Patman

Blue Dasher, Caddo Lake SP


Another Blue Dasher, Lake Wright Patman


Female Common Whitetail, fooling me into thinking it was a Banded Pennant at first!  (Lake Wright Patman)

Head-on view...


Eastern Amberwing, Caddo NWR

Mystery Ode that turned out to be a Spot-winged Glider by expert consensus!  Martin Creek Lake SP


In-flight Black Saddlebags (female left, male? right), Martin Creek Lake SP


Another Black Saddlebags, Lake Wright Patman


Female Red Saddlebags, Lake Wright Patman

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