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East Pineywoods, Texas

Bird Pics and Sounds

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Magnificent Frigatebird, Sabine Pass

Great Blue Heron, Martin Creek Lake SP


Green Heron (adult left, subadult right), Martin Dies SP    Calls, same location

Peeking out from behind a lilypad...


Red-shouldered Hawk, Caddo Lake SP

  Clapper Rails, "double-notes" and possibly young birds (Sabine Pass)


Willet, Texas Point NWR

  Upland Sandpiper flight call, Caddo Lake SP

Sanderling, Sea Rim SP

Ruddy Turnstone, Sea Rim SP

Laughing Gulls, Sea Rim SP

Royal Terns, Sea Rim SP


Belted Kingfisher (female, gagging down a fish at left), Caddo Lake SP   

Fuzzy Pileated Woodpecker, Caddo Lake SP

  Red-bellied Woodpecker "chung" calls, churr, and agitated calls (Martin Dies SP)

  Red-headed Woodpecker, "flat" calls and chatter of young, Village Creek SP    "Flat" calls, Atlanta SP 

  More typical calls with "flat" calls interspersed, Martin Dies SP

  Hairy Woodpecker, calls deep in the woods (Caddo Lake SP)    Closer at hand, Martin Creek Lake SP

Shy Downy Woodpecker, Martin Creek Lake SP    "Laugh" (with Cardinal and White-breasted Nuthatch), Caddo Lake SP  

   "Pik" calls, Lake Livingston SP    Excited calls, Martin Dies SP

Eastern Wood Pewee, Martin Dies SP    Call, same location

  Acadian Flycatcher, song and calls (Martin Dies SP)

  Great Crested Flycatcher calls, Martin Dies SP

Eastern Kingbird, Gore Store Road

Juvenile (?) Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, Hut Horton Road


Blue Jay in various poses at the feeder, Lake Livingston SP     Typical calls, bell notes, and gurgles (Martin Creek Lake SP)  

   Normal and agitated "jay" calls (Martin Dies SP)


Showing off those pretty feathers (same location)!

American Crow, Martin Creek Lake SP      Calls, Martin Dies SP     "Song"??  Atlanta SP

  White-eyed Vireo, typical and alternate songs (Martin Dies SP)     Song, Village Creek SP

  Yellow-throated Vireo, song (with Tufted Titmouse scolds), Caddo Lake SP

A rather long-legged Carolina Chickadee at Lake Livingston SP     Agitated calls, Atlanta SP     Various contact calls, Lake Livingston SP

Tufted Titmouse, Martin Creek Lake SP


Another Tufted Titmouse at Lake Livingston SP (doing the Two-Step at right...)    Call and song, Martin Dies SP     Call, Caddo Lake SP 

   Scold, Martin Creek Lake SP

  Trio of Tufted Titmouse, Carolina Chickadee, and White-breasted Nuthatch (Caddo Lake SP)

  White-breasted Nuthatch calls (with Blue Jays), Caddo Lake SP

  Brown-headed Nuthatch, calls of flock (Caddo Lake SP)

Carolina Wren doing a fair imitation of a Winter Wren (had lost most of its tail...), Martin Creek Lake SP     Two song samples and various calls, Martin Creek Lake SP 

   Call, Village Creek SP     "Tuk" call, Martin Dies SP

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher. Martin Dies SP     Calls, Martin Creek Lake SP


Pine Warbler (female), Martin Creek Lake SP


Pine Warbler (male), Martin Creek Lake SP    Song, Atlanta SP    Song, Martin Creek Lake SP


Hooded Warbler, Martin Dies SP    Song, same location    Call, Caddo Lake SP

  Common Yellowthroat call, Caddo NWR

  Northern Waterthrush calls, Caddo Lake SP

  Summer Tanager call (with Eastern Wood Pewee), Martin Dies SP


Female Northern Cardinal, Lake Livingston SP


Male, same location    Call, Martin Creek Lake SP    Pyrrhuloxia-like call with agitated Carolina Chickadees, Caddo NWR

  Indigo Bunting buzz call, Martin Dies SP

  Dickcissel, Martin Dies SP


Seaside Sparrow, Texas Point NWR

  Boat-tailed Grackle song, McFadden NWR

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