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Oregon to Oklahoma

June 2003

Part 9:  Little Big Horn

The next day was another "down day", so since the Little Bighorn Battlefield Monument was nearby (and Ed really wanted to see it), we headed there after analyzing data (and frankly, since the end of the trip was the first time I’ve been able to update this journal, I don’t even remember where our target area for that evening was) we headed up there, and enjoyed the museum where they took you chronologically through the historical events that led up to the battle. After viewing the monument itself we sauntered down the nature trail, which was all open short-grass prairie and ended at a tiny little riparian area where David spotted what was probably (according to his description) a Brown Thrasher. It was hot and uphill on the way back and I was dragging, so we sat for awhile and listened to the ranger give a talk about the firearms used in the battle. A Chipping Sparrow fed his/her baby behind me, which got me up and taking pictures with Stu pointing out another adult Chippy that, like so many others, practically landed on my foot! There were also Cedar Waxwings calling in the trees, but I couldn’t spot them.


 "Popcorn" clouds that tend to form in the Black Hills, and scenic valley on the way to the monument


On "down days" we’d go sight-seeing (at right is a view of the Great Basin habitat)


The gang climbs to the monument and reads up on those who died in the battle


A friendly Chipping Sparrow back at the Visitor’s Center.  At right is a sunset storm

Since there was nothing to chase storm-wise, we headed to Glendive (as the promise for the next day seemed to be in eastern Montana/western North Dakota, or maybe even Canada) for the night.

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