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Michigan Adventure

May, 2002

**Special note:  photos in this report were taken with an SLR film camera and burned onto CD, so the quality isn't the greatest...

    Part 1: Point Mouillee   

    Part 2: Jackson/Kalamazoo Wildlife Areas

    Part 3: West Lake Nature Preserve

    Part 4: Allegan State Game Area

    Part 5: Muskegon State Park

    Part 6: Mitchell State Park

    Part 7:  Fletcher Sharptail Area

    Part 8:  Skegmog Swamp Area

    Part 9:  Seney National Wildlife Refuge

    Part 10:  Copper Country State Forest

    Part 11:  Ottowa National Forest

    Part 12:  Porcupine Mountains State Park

    Part 13:  Moose Country

    Part 14:  Whitefish Point

    Part 15:  Mackinaw State Forest

    Part 16:  Huron National Forest

    Part 17:  Tawas Point State Park

    Part 18:  Shiawasee National Wildlife Refuge

    Part 19:  West Bloomfield Hills & Seven Ponds Nature Center

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