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Michigan Revisited 2017

Dragonfly Pics

Northern Bluet (best guess - could also be either Vernal or Boreal...), Seney NWR, MI

Eastern Forktail (Seney NWR, MI)


Midland Clubtail (Port Huron SGA, MI)


Female Ashy Clubtail (best guess), Seney NWR, MI

Racket-tailed Emerald (Seney NWR, MI)

American Emerald (Seney NWR, MI)

Female Belted Whiteface (Hiawatha NF, MI)


Male Chalk-fronted Corporals (Seney NWR, MI)


Female Chalk-fronted Corporals (Seney NWR, MI)

Male Common Whitetail (Seney NWR, MI)

Four-spotted Pennant (Anahuac NWR, TX)

Blue Dasher (Anahuac NWR, TX)


Great Blue Skimmer (female left, male right - Tickfaw SP, LA)


Widow Skimmer (male left, female right - Crab Orchard NWR, IL)

Twelve-spotted Skimmer (Port Huron SGA, MI)


Four-spotted Skimmer (Seney NWR, MI)


White-faced Meadowhawk (female left, male right); Seney NWR, MI

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