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Michigan Revisited 2017

Bird Pics and Sounds

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Trumpeter Swan (with the kids below), Seney NWR, MI



Canada Goose (Holmes County SP, MS)  Alarm call (Stephen Forbes SP, IL)

Canada Geese (with the kids below)  Seney NWR, MI


  Wood Duck, females calling (with whining Eastern Gray Squirrel), Stephen Forbes SP, IL


Ruffed Grouse (with one of the kids at left), Hiawatha NF, MI


Common Loon (Seney NWR, MI)


Great Blue Heron (Fort Gratiot Nature Park, MI)

Yellow-crowned Night Heron (Anahuac NWR, TX)

(Mostly) Snowy Egrets (Anahuac NWR TX)

Immature White-faced Ibis (Anahuac NWR, TX)


Mississippi Kite (Holmes County SP, MS)


Young Red-tailed Hawk (Crab Orchard NWR, IL)

Distant Bald Eagle (Seney NWR, MI)


Sandhill Crane (Hiawatha NF, MI)    Distant calls    Displaying pair, looped (both Hiawatha NF, MI)


King Rail (Anahuac NWR, TX)

  Black Rail song (Anahuac NWR, TX)


Common Gallinule (immature left, adults with chick right); Anahuac NWR, TX    Calls, Anahuac NWR, TX

Multi-generational shot...


Purple Gallinule (adult left, immature center and right); Anahuac NWR, TX    Calls (Anahuac NWR, TX)

Spotted Sandpiper (Fort Gratiot, MI)


Pileated Woodpecker (Crab Orchard NWR, IL)

  Northern Flicker "song" (Hiawatha NF, MI)  Call (Port Huron SGA, MI)

Merlin (Seney NWR, MI)    Calls (Seney NWR, MI)

Eastern Wood Pewee (Stephen Forbes SP, IL)

Willow Flycatcher (Port Huron SGA, MI)    Song    Call (both Port Huron SGA)

Alder Flycatcher (Port Huron SGA, MI)  Song, Hiawatha NF, MI  "Reer" call, Seney NWR, MI

  Great Crested Flycatcher (Port Huron SGA, MI)


Eastern Kingbird (Crab Orchard NWR, IL)

  Blue-headed Vireo Song (Hiawatha NF, MI)

  Red-eyed Vireo song (Hiawatha NF, MI)    Excited song (Huron NF, MI)

Fish Crow (Hazelhurst, MS)

  Common Raven family (Huron NF, MI)

Barn (left) and Cliff Swallows (Crab Orchard NWR, IL)


Black-capped Chickadee (Huron NF, MI)  Calls, with smacking Lincoln's Sparrows in background (Huron NF, MI)  Song and calls, with Hermit Thrush and Blue Jay (Huron NF, MI)

  White-breasted Nuthatch (with American Crow), Port Huron SGA, MI

  Red-breasted Nuthatch (Hiawatha NF, MI)    Excited calls (Huron NF, MI)


Carolina Wrens (above and below), Anahuac NWR, TX


  Marsh Wren song (Anahuac NWR, TX)

  Golden-crowned Kinglet (Hiawatha NF, MI)


American Robin, Michigan's state bird (Fort Gratiot, MI)  Song    Call (both Port Huron SGA, MI)

Juvenile American Robin (Port Huron SGA)

  Wood Thrush song (with Ovenbird), Port Huron SGA, MI

  Hermit Thrush song (Huron NF, MI)    Calls (Hiawatha NF, MI)

  Veery song and calls (Port Huron SGA, MI)

  Gray Catbird, calls and song (Port Huron SGA, MI)

  Blue-winged Warbler song, with House Wren, American Robin "Pike" call, Veery call, and Blue Jay (Port Huron SGA, MI)

  Nashville Warbler song type 1 (Huron NF, MI)    Song type 2 (Hiawatha NF, MI)    Calls (Hiawatha NF, MI)

  Yellow Warbler calls (with Baltimore Oriole), Port Huron SGA, MI

  Chestnut-sided Warbler song (Huron NF, MI)

Yellow-rumped Warbler (Hiawatha NF, MI)    Song type 1    Song type 2    Calls  (all Seney NWR, MI)

 Black-throated Green Warbler Song type 1    Song type 2, with Red-breasted Nuthatch (both Hiawatha NF, MI)

Pine Warbler (Hiawatha NF, MI)    Song (Hiawatha NF)

Black-throated Blue Warbler (Seney NWR, MI)  Song (Hiawatha NF, MI)

  Kirtland's Warbler song (Huron NF, MI)

Ovenbird (Hiawatha NF, MI)    Song (Huron NF, MI)

American Redstart, female (Port Huron SGA, MI)    Song, Huron NF, MI

Common Yellowthroat (Port Huron SGA, MI)

  Cedar Waxwing calls (Seney NWR, MI)

Scarlet Tanager (Port Huron SGA, MI)

Young Northern Cardinal (Anahuac NWR, TX)

  Rose-breasted Grosbeak, alarm call (Huron NF, MI)


Indigo Bunting (Seney NWR, MI)    Song (Port Huron SGA, MI)    Call (Port Huron SGA, MI)

  Dickcissel song (Anahuac NWR, TX)

  Eastern Towhee song (Port Huron SGA, MI)    Call (with American Redstart), Huron NF, MI


Chipping Sparrow (Holmes County SP, MS)    Song (with Yellow Warbler), Port Huron SGA, MI


Field Sparrow (Port Huron SGA, MI)

  Lincoln's Sparrow song (with White-throated Sparrows singing and Yellow-rumped Warblers calling), Hiawatha NF, MI

  Song Sparrow song type 1    song type 2  (both Port Huron SGA, MI)

  Swamp Sparrow, song type 1    Several birds singing (both Hiawatha NF, MI)      Alternate song (Seney NWR, MI)

  Savannah Sparrow song (with chattering Red-winged Blackbirds), Port Huron SGA, MI

  Henslow's Sparrow song (Crab Orchard NWR, IL) - sounds like an insect!

  White-throated Sparrow song (Hiawatha NF, MI)


Male Bobolink (in transition at left), Horicon NWR, WI


Female Bobolink (with transitioning male at right), Horicon NWR, WI

Female Red-winged Blackbird with female Bobolink below (Horicon NWR, WI)

  Boat-tailed Grackle display (Anahuac NWR, TX); a Great-tailed Grackle does his rising whistle in the background about halfway through!


Eastern Meadowlark (Horicon NWR, WI)

Orchard Oriole (Anahuac NWR, TX)    Song (Anahuac NWR, TX)

  Baltimore Oriole call (Port Huron SGA, MI)

Female Purple Finch (Seney NWR, MI)    Flight calls (Hiawatha NF, MI)

American Goldfinch (Crab Orchard NWR, IL)

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