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Belize - Lamanai Outpost Lodge

Butterflies and Moths

Thoas Swallowtail


Giant-type Swallowtail that got caught in the restaurant fan's downdraft; the ventral suggested Giant, but the dorsal suggested Thoas

Barred Yellow


Florida White


Eastern Tailed Blue


Ceraunus Blue


Cassius Blue

Zebra Cross-streak


Yojoa Scrub Hairstreak


Muted Hairstreak


Theona Checkerspot

Common Morpho (captive)


Banded Peacock

White Peacock


Hermes Satyr (beat-up bug on left)


More Hermes Satyrs

White Satyr

Beat-up Common Ur Satyr

Brown Longtail

Potrillo Skipper


Mystery spreadwings; they reminded me of Mazans Scallopwings, but the hindwings weren't very scalloped (plus they seemed bigger)!


They consistently had three dots near the apex and one white cell spot.

Veined White Skipper

Guatemalan Checkered Skipper

Tropical Checkered Skipper

Checkered Skipper sp.

Common Glassywing???

Swag-lined Wave

Mystery Moth

Other critters:






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