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                                            Mystery Birds and Butterflies


The following are photos of hummers that I don't recognize, and butterflies that I have no idea as to what they are, so I would appreciate any input!



This was taken at Yanacocha.  Any ideas?


            We kept seeing a hummer that looked somewhat like a Tyrian Metaltail, but could it have been just an odd-looking Buff-tailed Coronet??




Various clearwing spp. Taken at Tandayapa Bird Lodge along the Potoo Trail



L-R:  Very worn Mexican Silverspot, leafwing sp. (possible Pale-spotted?), Red Mapwing, Mercurial Bentwing                              



Two more unidentified leps taken along the main road in Tandayapa



Incredible moth at the lodge! (Looked like a giant version of our Io Moth!)


Butterflies taken at Las Grallarias:


L-R:  Metalmark (Mesosemia sp?), satyr sp., another Clearwing, possible Orbifera Satyr


Butterflies Taken at Arashá (all heliconians):



L-R:  Hecale Longwing, Probable Antioch Longwing, Sapho Heliconian



Left:  Two-banded Satyr   Right:  Probable Black Witch relative...


Taken at Tinalandia




Several bats came to the feeders at Tinalandia; if you can ID any of them, please let me know!

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