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Costa Rica 2019

Part 4:  Bosque del Tolomuco

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Once again, Costa Rica Gateway arranged for my transfer to Talari Mountain Lodge, and we had arranged a stop at Bosque del Tolomuco, another "birdy" place in the Pacific foothills that Sonia recommended!  Raphael was my driver, and although there was a major language barrier, I discovered a cool little Google app that translated English to Spanish, and that worked famously (although sometimes I didn't understand his answer J)!  It was fun driving over Cerro de la Muerte again (the last time was about 35 years ago on a VENT trip), and how different it was this time!  Constant traffic (including bicyclists) and the road was in great shape (I was hoping a Silvery-throated Jay would fly across the road since I couldn’t tackle the trail they were supposedly found on, but no banana…)!  Going down the other side a Gray-headed Chachalaca flew across the road, and shortly we were at Bosque del Tolomuco!  It’s run by Lise and Rolf, a Canadian couple (Rolf is originally from Germany), and Lise shared the history of the place and showed me their kitchenette, and really encouraged me to stay for a week sometime! 

She admitted that we arrived at a bad time of day as the feeders weren’t very active (except for the hummers), but Green-crowned Brilliants were all over, and we added Violet Saberwing, a Brown Violetear that Lise showed me, and “Cherrie’s” Tanagers (even though they’ve been lumped again into Scarlet-rumped Tanager, which was news to her), as well as Silver-throated.  The “overlook” feeders were kinda quiet, so I went over to the kitchenette porch for 15 and added a Rufous-tailed Hummer and Gray-breasted Wood Wren (I thought I heard the Rufous-breasted, but decided to wait until I was sure – definitely got a House).  While Lise was showing me the room a Scaly-breasted Wren started singing; she was thrilled, as she didn’t think they had had one before!  But my personal favorites were the Swallow-tailed Kites, and the Lord miraculously let me get a decent shot – I thought they were all out of focus!  Just before we left, Raphael pointed out a Mantled Howler Monkey (which I think was the only “exotic” mammal I saw on the whole trip)!

"Overlook Feeders"

Lise poses while Anzo (I think his name was) runs for the hills!

I didn’t want to stay too long as Raphael had to drive all the way back to San Jose after dropping me off, so after a quick lunch at Mirador General with more fighting hummers on the deck and kites outside (their sign had a Red-headed Barbet, kite, and saberwing on it – two outta three ain’t bad!) we headed on. 

Lunch stop!

The view


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