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Part 6:  Return to Hotel Buena Vista

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Costa Rica Gateway arranged for my transportation back to the Hotel Buena Vista, and when my ride arrived, I discovered it was Juan Carlos, who had driven me around two years ago!! J  So it was fun riding back with him; it was a wild ride through the mountains, passing familiar places like that soda (he even offered to stop, but I wanted to get to the hotel) and La Paz Waterfall Gardens, and arrived at Hotel Buena Vista at about 3:30 with plenty of time to explore!  Only I discovered that I had apparently left my charger (both the portable one and the one you plug into the wall) at Arenal!!  Thankfully they had a charging cord at the hotel, but in the meantime I did find the cord, but not the portable charger.  I figured that someone at Arenal probably needed it more than I did (although it wouldn’t do them much good without its wall plug, which I still had)!

Anyway, headed out to the garden area, disappointed at the lack of sun, but managed to pick up a weird-looking Scarce Yellow and a Green-eyed White on the Coffee Trail!  Their butterfly garden would have been hopping with stuff had the sun been out, but bird-wise had vocal Piratic and Social Flycatchers, nest-building Rufous-naped Wrens, and a flock of what I’m calling Black Swifts as they were larger with notched tails, but not big enough to be Whitecollars.  I also blew an ID of a green hummer that I assumed was Steely-vented, but forgot to look at the tail shape to rule out Cavinet’s Emerald.  Oh, well…

Had a great dinner, then came back to the room to catch up on the journal.  And the good news was that I found the portable charger!! J  (Something just wouldn’t let me rest, so I dug through the “pocket” where I was sure I packed it, and there it was – it just blended in well!)  I was just another opportunity for God to ask, “Will you trust Me?” J 

Left at oh dark hundred the next morning and got checked in in plenty of time, made the connection in Houston with no problem, and got into McAllen right on time (although there were no mega-rarities to chase this time - two years ago my friend Pat picked me up with the words, "Wanna go for the Variegated Flycatcher on South Padre?" J)!

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