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Costa Rica 2018

Illustrated & Audio Bird List

Doves to Hummingbirds

All photographs ©2018.  To avoid confusion, photographed birds are in bold.  A speaker icon indicates an audio recording.  Abbreviations:  HBV = Hotel Buena Vista, BCNP = Braulio Carillo NP, CP = Cope's Place (or nearby), SVL = Selva Verde Lodge, LSBS = La Selva Biological Station, LDL = Laguna del Lagarto Lodge and environs, AOL = Arenal Observatory Lodge.  No initials indicate either the bird was seen at several places or I don't remember where we encountered it...

Rock Pigeon (in transit)

Pale-vented Pigeon (in transit)

  Red-billed Pigeon in the rain (AOL)

  Short-billed Pigeon (recording SVL, photo LDL)

Ruddy Ground Dove (LDL)

White-winged Dove (HBV)

Inca Dove (in transit)

White-tipped Dove (AOL)

Purplish-backed Quail Dove (AOL)

Squirrel Cuckoo (SVL)

Groove-billed Ani (LDL)

Crested Owl (SVL)

  Spectacled Owl (AOL - best to use external speakers and listen carefully for the soft whuwhuwhuwhu!)

Short-tailed Nighthawk (LDL)

Common Pauraque (LDL)

Great Potoo (CP)

Black Swift (HBV)

White-collared Swift (AOL)

Gray-rumped Swift (LSBS)

White-necked Jacobin (LDL - females above, males below))

Long-billed Hermit (SVL)

Stripe-throated Hermit (CP)

Purple-crowned Fairy (AOL)

Green-breasted Mango (LDL)

Green Thorntail (AOL)

Violet-headed Hummingbird (AOL)

Blue-chested Hummingbird (female - LDL)


  Rufous-tailed Hummingbird (AOL - "Rusty" is featured on both ends)

  Scaly-breasted Hummingbird (AOL)


  Bronze-tailed Plumeleteer (Left: AOL; showing signature pink feet on right: CP)


Crowned Woodnymph (Male left, AOL; female right, LDL)

Trogons to Parrots

Raptors to Shorebirds


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