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Costa Rica 2016

Illustrated & Audio Bird List - Paraiso Quetzales

All photographs ©2016; please do not download without permission.  To avoid confusion, photographed birds are in bold.  A speaker icon indicates an audio recording.

"PAH" = Pan American Highway

Least Grebe - seen at Cachi Reservoir on the way back to Rancho

Turkey Vulture - seen in transit

Black Vulture - seen in transit

Southern Lapwing - seen on the way back to Rancho

Rock Pigeon - seen on the way to Paraiso

Inca Dove - seen on the way to Paraiso

White-winged Dove - ditto

Groove-billed Ani - seen in transit

    Lesser Violetear


Fiery-throated Hummingbird - normal appearance above; showing "fire" below


White-throated Mountaingem - brief view at the quetzal stop along the PAH


Magnificent Hummingbird - male above, female below.  This is the Costa Rican race, which is greener-breasted than the Arizona birds.


Punk Mag


Resplendent Quetzal - male left, female right (along the PAH)

Hairy Woodpecker - the Costa Rican race has no spots on the wings, and is browner below

Barred Parakeet - flyover flock along the PAH

Rufous-browed Peppershrike - heard from the PAH overlook

Barn Swallow - flyover

Ochraceous Wren - along the PAH

Sooty Thrush - lodge area

Mountain Thrush - along PAH


Long-tailed Silky Flycatcher (female left, male right) - along the PAH and lodge grounds

Wilson's Warbler - abundant along the PAH

Collared Redstart - along the PAH

Black-cheeked Warbler - along the PAH

Slaty Flowerpiecer - seen along the PAH

Sooty-capped Chlorospingus - at the lodge entrance

Flame-colored Tanager - heard and seen briefly along the PAH


Yellow-thighed Finch - raiding the feeders!


Large-footed Finch - feeding below the deck

Rufous-collared Sparrow - at the feeder areas

Eastern Meadowlark - seen in transit

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