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Costa Rica 2016

Herps, Mammals, and Other Critters

All photographs ©2016; please do not download without permission.  All photos taken at Selva Verde Lodge. 


Strawberry (or "Blue Jeans") Poison Dart Frog


Green-and-black Poison Dart Frog

Pair on the moss... 

  Central American Bullfrog

Black River Turtle being "attacked" by Apricot Sulphurs


Spectacled Caiman (above and below)


Green Iguana


Emerald Basilisk (above and below)


Common Basilisk

Turnip-tailed Gecko


Mantled Howler Monkey (male left, female and youngster on right)

Long-nosed Bats

White-nosed Coati


Central American Agouti

Unknown caterpillar

Leaf-mimic Katydid


Golden Orb Spider

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